Document Duke 360º

Document Duke 360º, a collaboration between Duke Photography and the Center for Documentary Studies, is an ambitious yearlong project that invites you to contribute your voice to an extended visual conversation about Duke University. What don’t we know about you and Duke? How do you see and experience the university? Through your photographs, we hope to create a new and unconventional portrait of who we are—a 360-degree view captured in 365 images. Digital, analog, cellphone, camera—any format in any style, from fine art to documentary to photojournalism—is welcome. Think outside the box.

Whether you’re a student, alum, faculty or staff member, area resident, or visitor, this invitation to share your ideas, to tell your own story, about Duke is truly open. We’re not looking for photos of the chapel or the gardens (necessarily) but for evocative and provocative images that speak to the many worlds that are Duke University. Document Duke 360° is about breaking out of the familiar to take a deeper look at what’s inspiring, challenging, distinct, poignant, complicated, iconic, eccentric, engaging, uncomfortable, and ordinary about Duke. Your photographs can be “ugly” or “beautiful.” This collection of 365 images will create a uniquely self-reflective look at the Duke experience—a rich, thought-provoking, and multi-perspective story authored by you.

The subject/content is up to you; here are just a few subject ideas to get you started…

Analog | Speaking Out | Obsessions | Information Age | Open 24 Hours | Behind the Scenes | Love Letters | Film Stills | Stories We Tell | Sustainability | Working Week | Before/After

How It Works

At 12:01 a.m. on January 1, 2015, we will begin accepting images taken in 2015 with any type of camera or cellphone that reflect how you think about and experience your engagement with Duke. Students, alums, faculty or staff members, area residents, or visitors—all are encouraged to participate, and to briefly describe the images submitted for consideration and how it reflects a Duke experience.

For the next 365 days one “photo of the day” will be chosen by Duke Photography and Center for Documentary Studies staff to feature on the Document Duke 360° website, along with a brief description by the submitting photographer, and to share via the project’s Instagram feed and other Duke University digital and social media outlets. Your submissions may be selected any day of the year.